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My Take On The Upcoming 2016 WWE Brand Split..

July 13, 2016


Welcome to Smark Nation !


Since this is my very first blog post ( of many to come ), I would like to welcome you to my site. I appreciate & welcome all feedback and commentary, because at the end of the day- that's what makes us Smarks. We are smarter than the average fan, and we appreciate the talent, athleticism , and overall charisma that it takes to become a sports entertainment superstar. Not to mention, we want our voice heard ! 




July 19th is shaping up to be a landmark day for the "Reality" era. Anytime WWE can do something to shake up the creative process, I am all for it. The upcoming Brand Split is going to be great for a talent pool that is growing by the day. The recent influx of superstars has created a log jam, storyline wise. There are too many quality rivalries (Zayn vs. Owens to name one) that are gripping at the heart of every wrestling fan & these matches need to be rewarded...with GOLD. 


I believe a few things need to be accomplished in order for this split to truly succeed...


1. Introduction of More Titles:


The rumor of 2 Champions to represent both Smackdown & Raw is the obvious way to go. Just like in previous drafts, having a WWE Heavyweight Champion and World Heavyweight Champion will create so many exciting match ups and opportunities for talent on BOTH sides. But it's not enough. The IC & US Belts cannot be the only straps up for grabs. I believe the reintroduction of the European (this has Cesaro/Rusev written all over it), the Hardcore ( BRING BACK TOMMY DREAMER ), and quite possibly the establishment of a Television Title ?? ( don't tell me you're not thinking about RVD being drafted..) More titles means more competition, more competition means better matches & storylines which equals to what ? you guesed it...RATINGS




2. Bringing Back Veteran Talent: 


Numerous names from the past have been contacted as of recently, from Carlito & Kurt Angle to John Morrison & Vader ! 




Bringing back names from past years and eras is what makes WWE special. We've seen in past drafts how electric the fan base gets when superstars from the past makes their way back through the Gorilla position and back onto the rosters. 


Not only does it make for better storylines and memorable moments- veteran talent can "occasionally", if not always, have a positive influence on the young group of talent backstage. I look at the standard Chris Jericho has set in putting over the new generation, while at the same time cementing his legacy as a future Hall Of Famer. 


3. Quality GM's


Since we know now that Shane-O-Mac will be running Smackdown LIVE & Stephanie will be running the flagship, RAW, the question to be answered now is....who will be their GM's ???


Since Vinnie Mac made his triumphant return to RAW last night- the rumors have been circulating as to each side will choose. And SHOCKINGLY, *wink*, WWE may have already let the beans spill....




It seems as if the YES Movement will be returning back to WWE in the form of the ultimate underdog, Daniel Bryan. Bryan's retirement left a void in many fans lives, and the thought of Shane having him come back to manage Smackdown would certainly help swing the momentum back to Tuesday nights. Bryan's presence in the WWE Performance Center lately, as well as him doing play by play for the upcoming CWC gives us hope that we haven't seen the last of the man from Aberdeen, Washington.  


I for one would love to see the American Dragon back on WWE TV in any capacity. If the draft goes occupationally well for Shane, with the right moves and Bryan at the helm every Tuesday- I see no reason that Smackdown cannot rival, if not dethrone RAW, for the #1 spot every week. Don't get wrong; a small part of me would certainly have no problem with Teddy Long making his way back on to TV as well...you feel me player ??


That brings us to RAW and Mrs. Helmsley.....






The timing is right for the return of the King of Kings. The former champion and current VP of WWE, not to mention creative brain child behind NXT, is certainly clamoring for a chance to take back the throne and team up with his wife to take down his real life brother in law. I smell a family feud Survivor Series in November already...


I think Mr. McMahon would see this as a smart and calculating move by his daughter. Not only that, but Vince will look for any excuse to root against his son in this scenario. 


Do not rule out the possibility of a swerve, as we still have corporate Kane, John Laurinitis & Vickie Guerrero still looming. I've been reading also that Eric Bischoff is "hinting" at a return to WWE.


I pose one interesting name to throw into the fire; and that is the hardcore icon himself, Mick Foley. His daughter, Noelle, plays a role on his WWE Network show and will be in an announcing capacity within the next few years (possibly) and what better way for a father to keep an eye on his child than to run RAW !


Either way, next week is shaping up to be a HUGE night for WWE in general..


I leave you with my top 5 picks for each show...



1. Dean Ambrose

2. Seth Rollins

3. Randy Orton

4. Bray Wyatt

5. Charlotte


Smackdown Live:

1. John Cena

2. AJ Styles

3. Brock Lesnar

4. Finn Balor

5. Sasha Banks


Until next time SN !



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