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Nakamura versus Ziggler will exceed your expectations

May 10, 2017



Shinsuke Nakamura is already shining like a new penny upon his arrival to Smackdown Live.


Dolph Ziggler has helped him shine even more. 


Both superstars are oozing a ridiculous amount of charisma, with a large dose of cockiness to back it up.

Ziggler, the self proclaimed 'Show Off", is set to due battle with the "King of Strong Style" at this month's PPV, Backlash, on May 21st. This will be Nakamura's debut, and he will certainly be aiming to impress the crowd in Illinois.


His time in NXT was extremely memorable. Most notably, the sound of the violin blaring over the sound system as Nakamura enters the arena. All fans are on their feet and sing in unison. I've been in attendance at an NXT house show and it gave me chills. An awesome moment for sure. While his promo skills could use a bit of improvement, it's almost a non factor. What he lacks in a language barrier, her makes up for with machismo. 


Lucky for Nakamura, he has one of the best players in the game to highlight his in ring ability. If there is anyone who can exploit an opponent's talents, while at the same time, elevating his own game, Ziggler is public enemy no. 1. Ziggler has prided himself on being the best at what does, performing in the squared cirlce at an extremely high level The former 2-time World Champion has taken a fall from the ladder of success in WWE lately, which boggles my mind to be perfectly honest. 


If you need any evidence as to how over Ziggler can be..please see the evidence below.




Yes. I'll be the first to admit, I am a Ziggler fan. But can you blame me ? He received what was easily one of the loudest pops in WWE history. A unlucky streak of injuries and some backstage antics landed him in the doghouse for some reason with management. Ziggler has all but been forgotten in the mid card, but i feel that this feud with Nakamura will help bring him back into the limelight. 


Nakamura will ultimately go over in this match, gaining his first victory in a WWE ring. From there, we could possibly see a future storyline with the United States Champion Kevin Owens,. It would certainly make the King seem extra "strong", gaining his first piece of WWE gold off someone like Owens.


And yes, the match that all fans have been dreaming of (atleast this fan); Shinsuke Nakamura versus A.J. Styles in a WWE ring. 


Backlash will an excellent night for both competitors. The Smark Nation should be prepared for a battle of epic proportions. 


Ziggler is here to show the world why he is that damn good.


Nakamura will show Ziggler a world of pain. delivered with a kinshasa.





















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