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The Fatal 5 Way at Extreme Rules

May 16, 2017


 "The Monster" Braun Strowman was announced to be sidelined with an injury for the next 6 months, which is a total buzzkill. This prompted RAW GM Kurt Angle to pull an audible, I believe, last night.


At Extreme Rules, a fatal 5 way match will take place to determine who will become the #1 contender for Brock Lesnar's Universal Title. Yes, the same Universal Title that has been missing from TV since Lesnar defeated Goldberg for the strap at WrestleMania. Lesnar is set to defend his title at the July 9th event (brace yourself)...




Somewhere, Vince McMahon is still laughing his..well, balls off. 


The participants are listed below:


1. Bray Wyatt


2. Seth Rollins


3. Roman Reigns


4. Finn Balor


5. Samoa Joe



Any one of these superstars could be an interesting opponent for Lesnar. Reigns has already faced off against the Mayor of Suplex City at WrestleMania 31. Personally, the more intriguing options are Balor, Joe or Wyatt. 


Balor has a legitimate gripe, as he never technically lost the Universal Title . He was forced to relinquish it the night after SummerSlam,when an injury put him on the shelf for an extended period of time. The former Bullet Club Prez' is chomping at the bit to get that gold back around his waist and will stop at nothing to do so. 


A Samoa Joe versus Lesnar match would literally tear the house down. These 2 mastodons could throw each other around the ring for days before either of them accepted defeat. I think this would be a strong push for Joe. He has played the enforcer role well,and there is no better time than now to reinforce it with a title run. Not to mention, if he did defeat Lesnar, who would Joe's opponent be leading into SummerSlam ?Would we see Lesnar v. Joe II ? Or would Balor step in and continue their rivalry from NXT ?


To me, Wyatt poses the most entertaining story line. Other than the Undertaker, Lesnar hasn't faced another opponent who can pull off the mystique and mind games that a character like Undertaker could. To witness Lesnar become rattled, or thrown off his game in any way would be amazing to watch. Wyatt would relish at the opportunity. It's obvious WWE has faith in him, after giving him a well deserved, yet short, run with the WWE Championship. 


I didn't forget about the Architect. Unfortunately, i feel like Rollins is getting lost in the shuffle lately. Full of talent, it seems like Seth has been waiting in the wings, while others cut in line for an opportunity at the belt. Granted he has just returned from a legitimate leg injury, suffered at the hands of Samoa Joe. I see Seth coming out of this match looking strong as always, but not quite sealing the victory. 

















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