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Who is your Daddy and What Does He Do ? Smackdown LIVE Preview

July 18, 2017



As of last night, Kurt Angle is the father of a brand new baby boy....Jason Jordan


Talking Smack, arguably the best talk show segment on WWE TV,  is officially cancelled. Renee Young is receiving zero love.


There are talks of Saturday Night's Main Event returning.


Interest is fairly low with WWE Battleground taking place this Sunday.


And we are just coming off a PPV named Great Balls of Fire.



So i ask you all....is Vince McMahon officially losing his marbles ? 


Tonight, we will find out if there are any more surprises in store for the WWE Universe, with this go-home edition of SmackdownLIVE. 


Since RAW pretty much baffled us with the news that Kurt Angle is the illegitimate father of American Alpha's Jason Jordan; it will be interesting to see if the blue brand responds with some buffoonery of their own. Daniel Bryan tweeted out that he could potentially be the father of Jordan's ex-partner, Chad Gable. 

Although the odds of that happening are highly unlikely, we do have a monster main event that was announced last night.


United States Champion AJ Styles & Shinsuke Nakamura team up tonight to take on the duo of Kevin Owens and current Money in the Bank holder, Baron Corbin. Corbin and Nakamura have barely made it to the ring the past few weeks; kicking the crap out of each other in the process. Both men will hopefully get a chance to square up in the squared circle with KO & Styles to provide backup. Owens is still sour over his title loss to Styles at a house show at Madison Square Garden a few weeks back.  "The Face of America" will receive some redemption at Battleground, as the US Title will be on the line when he competes against "the Face that Runs the Place".


For the third straight PPV, Sunday will present us with current WWE Champion Jinder Mahal taking on "the Viper" Randy Orton in a Punjabi Prison match. The Maharaja will be in attendance tonight, as will be the actual prison structure; giving tonight's audience a glimpse into what awaits Orton. 


WWE really has held Mahal in high praise for this to be a trilogy series. The attention span has been minimal in my opinion. Orton has made us more enamored with how many different ways he can destroy the Singh Brothers. The spots have been brutal and something tells me it will continue this Sunday as well. I believe we see Mahal retain to set up an eventual championship match at SummerSlam against the Golden Boy, John Cena. You can't hinder Jinder, JOHN. 


Speaking of Cena, Mr. Hustle, Loyal & Respect is expected to give an interview tonight, ahead of his Flag Match against the Bulgarian Brute', Rusev. Patriotic spirits will be riding high for both men tonight. Wouldn't be shocked if Cena recited the Pledge of Allegiance and makes out with a bald eagle...not that there's anything wrong with that. Salute. 


Sami Zayn and Mike Kanelis settle some of their disputes tonight, as Kanelis makes his in ring debut. With his beautiful wife Maria by his side, expect this match to end in a bit of disarray, leading to a matchup Sunday as well. 


Side note: I'm tired of Naomi as Women's Champ. If you follow me on Twitter @Smark_Nation; you'll see me repeat the same tweet over and over. SOMEONE END THE GLOW. ANYONE. PLEASE


Thank you !


Enjoy SmackdownLIVE !
















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